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■ strongChemicals resistance

■ Long-lasting anti-corrosion

■ High temperature resistance


■ Antistatic

■ Fireproof

■ CUI refers to corrosion occurred on the surface of pipelines or equipment under insulation.

The existence of insulation layer may accelerates the corrosion

Since CUI has high invisibility and is difficult to detect it may cause serious leaking accidents.

■ Hilong Coatings products for storage tanks

•  HilonLining 6110       Inorganic Zinc Tank Coating

•  HilonLining 6120       Epoxy Phenolic Tank Coating

•  HilonLining 6220       Solvent Free Epoxy Tank Coating

•  HilonLining 6230       Epoxy Novolac Conducting Electrostatic Coating

•  HilonLining 6250       Epoxy Novolac Lining

•  HilonTC 3000H          Solvent Free Epoxy Tank Coating


■ Anti-corrosion for conventional steel structures

•  HilonZinc 1265           Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

•  HilonGuard 2400        Alkyd Primer

•  HilonGuard 2580        Pure Epoxy

•  HilonDeco PU 9400    High Gloss Polyurethane Finish


■ Hilong high temperature resistant coatings ( self-curing under room temperature without insulation)


Hilong Coatings together with CNOOC Changzhou Coatings Institute drafted the domestic CUI standard


■ Hilong high temperature resistant coatings---under insulation