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■ Due to the complexity of maritime environments, offshore engineering equipment are facing long-term tests of factors such as:

High concentration of salt

High-intensity UV exposure

High diurnal amplitude

Impact and splash of ocean currents

Extreme weather (typhoon, rainstorm, hail)

■ for NB projects

High corrosion resistance

High performance

High film thickness in application

■ for M&R projects

Low surface treatment

Application on wet surface

Underwater curing

Standard M-501 released in 1995 literally changed the way we choose coatings for offshore equipment. Since then, owners, engineers and product nominators have accepted standard M -501 and its principals.

Over the past 20 years, Norsok M-501 has earned its acclaim as a standard for selecting coating system for new building projects of offshore engineering based on performance.

Hilong offshore engineering coatings have obtained NORSOK M-501 certificate.

M-501 sorted coatings application in offshore platform into the following 9 types, among which class 7 requires the highest anti -corrosion performance.