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HilonGuard 2300 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer

Product Description:

A two component epoxy anti-corrosive primer pigmented with zinc phosphate.

-Good anti-corrosive and physical performances

-Fast drying and handling properties

-Long term overcoatability

Hilong protective coatings have been extensively tested by professional associations.Please contact technical department for detailed information.

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For use on properly prepared surfaces in both new construction situations and as an industrial maintenance primer for a wide range of anti-corrosive coatings systems for use  in the offshore, petrochemical, chemical industries and engineering equipment and etc.

The fast drying and handling properties, together with extended overcoatability, make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full system application on site. HilonGuard 2300 provides good abrasion resistance which minimises mechanial damage in transit between the factory and site.