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HilonTherm 8110 Silicone Acrylic Heat Resistant

Product Description:

A single component, high temperature finish based on temperature resistant silicone and acrylic resins with thermally stable pigmentation.

- Good corrosion protection and decoration properties under high temperature condition.

- Good heat resistant property, up to 260°C.

- Good color stability at high temperature.

Hilong marine coatings have been certified by major classification societies such as CCS, DNV and ABS.Please contact technical department for detailed information.

  • Product Features


Suitable for areas subject to high service temperature that require a coloured finish. For use in a wide range of industrial environments including petrochemical plants, power stations, oil refineries and offshore structures. For use at both new construction and as a maintenance coating. As a heat resistant finish coat for application over properly primed steelwork, to provide both corrosion resistance and decoration for steelwork under high temperature condition. Suitable for steelwork operating at temperatures up to 260°C.