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HilonCare 7350 TBT Free Self-Polishing Copolymer Antifouling

Product Description:

A TBT free self-polishing (SPC) antifouling based on Silyl Methacrylate Copolymer technology, Keeping underwater hull surface smooth by high polishing performance, giving minimized in-water frictional resistance and long term fuel saving. In compliance with INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON THE CONTROL OF HARMFUL ANTI-FOULING SYSTEMS ON SHIPS, 2001 (IMO document AFS/CONF/26).

Hilong marine coatings have been certified by major classification societies such as CCS, DNV and ABS.Please contact technical department for detailed information.

  • Product Features


An antifouling paint used for new building or maintenance & repair. Can be applied on the tie coat or the existing antifouling paint in good condition. Provide up to 90 month antifouling protection. Specially designed for vessels trading at medium speed and with medium to high activity.