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EC-504 External Protective Coating Material for Rusted Tubular Goods

Product Description:

EC-504 is a colored effective OCTG external protective coating. It also can be used for protection of steel structures. Material has excellent anti-rust and anti-aging properties; film looks smooth and bright, with good decorative function. Material has a good anti sagging properties and short drying time. Solvents used in the material are environmentally friendly. Without benzene, halohydrocarbon and heavy metal, material is economic, safe and easy to use. It can be coated by brush, dipping and spraying. Protection period is up to 12 months.

Hilong OCTG & pipeline coatings have been extensively tested by professional associations.Please contact technical department for detailed information.

  • Product Features

  EC-504 is used as a protective coating for oil pipelines, steel stripe and steel structures.