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EC-500 External Protective Coating Material for Tubular Goods

Product Description:

EC-500 is a protective coating material for OCTG. It also can be used for protection of steel structure, which has excellent anti-rust performance and aging resistance. Coating film looks smooth, bright and has good decorative function. EC-500 has a good anti sagging property and short dry time. EC-500 does not contain benzene, halohydrocarbon and heavy metal elements, safe, easy to apply and also economic. EC-500 can be coated by brush, dipping and spraying. Protection period of EC-500 is up to 12 months.

Hilong OCTG & pipeline coatings have been extensively tested by professional associations.Please contact technical department for detailed information.

  • Product Features

  Material is used as a protective coating for oil pipelines, as well as steel stripe, steel structures.