Hilong Coatings debuted in Posidonia

The global shipping industrys top exhibition, the Posidonia 2018 shipping fair, was officially opened on June 4th at the Athens Metropolitan Expo center next to Athens International Airport. Hilong Coatings made it debut introducing its marine coatings to 2,010 exhibitors and 22,000 marine executives from nearly every country of the world.


Greek Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras presided the official opening ceremony and indicated that the Greek government is investing in infrastructure upgrades required by the shipping industry, while promoting initiatives which support the sector’s expansion in Greece as well as abroad. He than visited the stand of Shanghai Hilong Shine New Materials Co., Ltd and had a cordial talk with Mr. Zhang Guoping, the vice president of the company, on the general information of Hilong Coatings. The Greek Prime Minister extended a warm welcome to the company, which was representative of Chinese coatings brand and wished them a successful exhibition.


Mr Alexis Tsipras (right) and Mr. Zhang Guoping (left) having a talk 

at the stand of Shanghai Hilong Shine New Materials Co., Ltd

As a major country along the Maritime Silk Road, Greek acts for the bridgehead and transfer station of China-EU cooperation as well as the world largest market of ship owners. Hilong Coatings takes it as a key sector of its Global strategy and started the initial arrangements two years ago, drew extensive attention through marketing and promoting. During the exhibition, representatives of Hilong Coatings introduced the effective, energy-saving antifouling solutions and abrasion resistant anti-corrosion solutions for cargo holds, updated Greek and European customers with improvements in products, technologies and marketing development, achieving a good promotional effect.


With the largest fleet, well-situated ports and great potential of transshipment, Greek has extensive and intimate cooperation with China in shipbuilding, M&R, and many other relative industries. We will keep enhancing our presence in Greece and fan out from point to area to complete our layout in Europe and propel globalization of the company. said Zhang Guoping at the exhibition.