Promoting Laboratory Standardization, Improving the Quality of Hi-Tech R&D Shanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute Obtains CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

Shanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute has successfully passed the on-site review by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and recently obtained a CNAS accreditation certificate (Registration No. CNAS L10199). This certificate goes to show that the Research Institute has established an advanced management system and that it can meet the requirements of the Guidelines for the Accreditation of Laboratory Testing and Calibration; meanwhile, this marks the qualification for reports issued by the Research Institute to be mutually recognized by 53 countries and regions across the world.

Laboratory accreditation is an internationally accepted system for the evaluation and recognition of the management and technological capabilities of testing and calibration laboratories, and CNAS accreditation activities have been integrated into the international mutual recognition system such that the testing and calibration reports issued by accredited laboratories will be recognized throughout China as well as those countries and regions that have signed mutual recognition agreements with CNAS.

“With CNAS accreditation, the testing reports issued by Shanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute within the scope of accreditation will be more authoritative and help to quickly promote Hilong’s construction of a world-class quality management system while also improving the core competitiveness of the Hilong brand and accelerating the company’s international strategic upgrade,” said Ren Weidong, Hilong Group Vice President and General Manager of New Materials Business Division.

Incorporated in 2012, and after years of operation and improvement, Shanghai Hilong Petrochemical Research Institute has become a laboratory with strong technical force, a good business environment, and a considerable number of modern equipment and instruments with talents gaining a range of professional skills. The company has invested over RMB16 million to import high-precision professional testing equipment from Germany, the United States, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

"The world's most advanced technology has already permeated Hilong's product development and production. Hilong continues to improve product quality and grades and continues to optimize its product structure with the world's most advanced technology standards," added Mr. Ren.