First Successful Application of “HilongCare” Green Power Antifouling Paint

(June 13, 2017, Shanghai) On June 5, 2017, the successful undocking of Vanbloom Shipping Limited’s “PROSPERITY 101” 47,000-ton bulk carrier at Weihai East China Shipyard marked the first successful application of “HilongCare” green power antifouling paint.



For this occasion, Hilong New Material Co., Ltd. used the HilonCare 7300 series of the “HilongCare” green power antifouling paint, which uses world-leading “Silyl Methacrylic” technology and is tailored to specific navigating zone and navigational operating rates. This new coating can provide superb antifouling protection for hulls under the harsh challenge of a single period of lay-up for 40 days or so, thereby saving fuel costs and cleaning costs while increasing operational efficiency. 


“Halobios pollution on hull bottom has constantly dogged us, leading to greater fuel consumption and other hidden costs. Hilong has helped us tremendously with their antifouling paint R&D, innovations, and market-leading technology,” said Shipping Department Maintenance Manager Lu at Vanbloom Shipping, adding that “PROSPERITY 101 is Vanbloom’s first 47,000-ton general cargo ship. With continuous growth in trade volumes, we plan to allocate larger fleets. In the future, we will make wider attempt and collaboration with Hilong in ship coatings.”


Zhang Guoping, General Manager of Hilong New Material Business Coatings Sales Center, said “Hilong New Material upholds scientific and innovative concepts, always adhering to high-end and differentiated product lines. We are committed to providing personalized custom solutions for our clients. As a new force in the ship coatings industry, Hilong ship coatings are being accepted and recognized by more and more clients, giving us greater momentum for the road ahead.”