Expansion, Partnerships & Win-wins Hilong’s Yantai Promotional Event for Ship Coating Going Smoothly

(June 5, 2017, Shanghai) Recently, Hilong's new materials business held a promotional event for ship coating in the Yantai area, which ran smoothly. Last year’s promotions were done in Qingdao, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Dalian and Guangzhou. Hilong has yet again directed promotions toward ship owners and ship management companies, promoting Hilong's personalized custom solutions of ship coatings.

Themed with "Expansion, Partnerships & Win-wins", the promotional event invited entrepreneurs and crewsfrom over 10 shipping companies and ship management companies including Yantai Golden Ocean Shipping Group and Yantai Pingyang Shipping Co., Ltd. At the event, Hilong mainly recommended their custom solutions for anti-fouling and marine maintenance products for clients in the area. Regarding to coatings, Hilong put forward their vision of developing a first-rate brand of the people, which resonated with guests.

Zhang Guoping, General Manager of coating sales center of Hilong’s New Materials Business, explained that ever since Hilong ship coatings entered the market, Hilong has made great efforts to provide clients with personalized custom solutions. There are already over 200 onboard application solutions at present. He said:"By holding professional promotional events for Hilong’s coatings with clients and increasing the impact of our brand, we can better understand the details of our clients' needs, thereby creating a first-rate coating brand from nonstop improvement of the quality of our products and services."