Hilong Industrial Protective Coating Materials Officially Enter Wind Power Market

(December 13, 2016, Shanghai) Several days ago, Hilong New Materials Business Unit was awarded its first wind turbine tower project order, marking Hilong protective coating’ official entry into the green energy wind power market.


This project is for the 23-unit generating capacity 50.6MW wind turbines at the Xuyi Mudian low-wind-speed wind farm, owned by Jiangsu Guodian Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. and hosted by Envision Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., while the towers are manufactured by Jiangsu Haili Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. Having passed a series of rigorous certification testing and factory inspections by Envision Energy, Hilong protective coatings were ultimately and unanimously selected by the owner and host company to be the supplier for this project’s tower coatings. As early in this May, Hilong New Materials Business Unit had already been successfully qualified as coating supplier from another wind main engine manufacture Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power Co.Ltd.

“Hilong New Materials Business Unit is committed to becoming a Chinese new materials leader and always adheres to scientifically and technologically innovative development strategy. After several years of technical research and market development, Hilong coatings have become a domestic leading coating brand,” said Ren Weidong, Vice President of Hilong Group and General Manager of Hilong New Materials Business Unit, adding that “in this booming green energy market, Hilong New Materials will continue to work hard, making efforts and contributing to the energy sector’s sustainable development.”

Fig. 1: Exterior of Wind Turbine Tower

Fig. 2: On-Site Turbine Tower External Coating Application 

Fig. 3: On-Site Guidance from Hilong Technical Service Personnel